The VFW Hall is available for Rent.  Please contact us for details. If there is no answer, please leave a message and our Hall Renal Coordinator will get back with your shortly.
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This is a Binding Contract for the Rental of the Backroom and the Rules for renting the backroom of the VFW Post 2920


1.                 You will purchase all beverages from      the VFW Post 2920.

2.                 You will be fully responsible for all of the rental areas, including whatever damages may result from your event, both inside and outside of the building.

3.                 No decorations are to be hung by tape or nails.

4.                 There will be NO underage drinking!!

5.                 The rental will be over with by 11:00pm on Monday thru Thursday, Clean up to be done by 12:00am (Midnight). VFW Closes at Midnight.

6.                 The rental wil be over with, by 12:00 (midnight), on Friday and Saturday

7.                 The rental will be over with by 9:00pm on Sunday, Clean up must be done by 10:00pm, as the Post closes at 10:00pm

8.                 Cleaning up the rental area consists of cleaning all tables, putting tables back where they were to start with, taking out all garbage and sweeping and mopping the floor.

9.                 No members of your event will not be permitted the canteen (bar area). They must stay n the rental area or be accompanied by a vfw 2920 member.

10.             If you have a DJ, Karaoke or a band, level of music, must not be to loud or you will be asked to shut it down. This will be at the discretion of the Canteen Committee, or the Canteen Manager.

11.             If any altercations (fights break out) during your event, you will be asked to shut don your event

12.             All people coming to your event should park In the vfw parking area across the street in the spare parking area

13.             Cost to rent the rental area is as follows: Non-Members $200.00, get $50.00 back if clean-up is done, Members $50.00 and get $50.00 if clean up is done, Funeral Luncheons are free, to everyone wanting to use rental area



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Name of Rental Person _____________________________________________

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